Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Alhamdulillah, at last i got time to write here… but just a few as my final exam is just around the corner…

I think i will stop writing for a few months due to time constraint… you know… next week, i’ll have my final exam(do pray for me yah, so that i score well again).. then, balik kampung for a few days(OMG… juz a few days)… for the following week, i’ll be in Kuching about one week.. come back home… next, go to KL for my cousin’s wedding… home again… come back to UTP… I like it!!

So far, my preparation for the exam have gone very well… Alhamdulillah… InsyaAllah, I will continue writing when I come back to UTP… maybe about my experience in Kuching.. owh, I didn’t write my trip to Medan yet… well… just wait..

I’ll strive to my utmost to score in this exam!! yeah, do pray 4 me !! Pray also that Allah will always give you n me the strength to continue performing this JIHAD n contributing for the sake of Muslims… Takbir!!! ALLAHUAKBAR!!