Believe it or not, at 14 or 16 they are already hardcore gangsters and now, sadistic rapists. At the bright age, when people go to school to learn, they drink liquor, molest girl and whatever you can imagine for a much ‘adult criminal’. People around them live in fear and choose to keep quiet afraid of more severe consequences.

However, the matter came to light after a police report was lodged over the rape of a Form 2 girl by her schoolmates at their school premises. The news shocked the nation, and Malaysians want to know how the student could have been attacked in her school where she is supposed to be safe.

Ministry, Police and MP claim that they don’t receive any report of gangsterism, extortion or molest before. they also claim that because of procedures, they are not allowed to interfere the school’s ‘internal matters’… at least until it becomes the national issues… you can say it as win-win situation or whatever you like.. I get publicity and you get your money. You allow my friends’ expelled son coming back to school, give them space to do whatever crime again and again. You get your money and the media get the ‘hot story’ and I get the publicity. Believe it or not, that’s how the system works nowadays. Not only during election like what obviously happened in Hulu Selangor and Sibu. Just ask your mom and dad –> Only if they are school teachers or lecturers like mine.

Read this:

A teacher who spoke to the Starprobe team said students expelled for various disciplinary problems always seemed to return to the school, with the help of their parents.

“We believe the parents used their ‘connections’ to get their children back to school. I know of at least 30 students who returned within two or three months of being expelled,” said the teacher.

She said there were occasions when bullies who faced action lodged police reports against teachers for alleged assault.

“They would come with their lawyers,” she said.

Source: The Star

I don’t have to say this so many times. Obvious political interference in education. People are not blind. Rotten to the core!! You know what I’m referring to =P.

There’s so many stupid parents nowadays. Cannot differentiate between good and evil. I don’t have to talk about responsibility. They know better. I advise single guys and girls to learn and understand the meaning of responsibility first before you married.  Learn how to teach your children. understand the meaning of TRUE LOVE. I pray that you won’t be the parents of those culprits.

Let those (disposing of an estate) Have the same fear in their minds As they would have for their own If they had left a helpless family behind: Let them fear Allah, and speak Words of appropriate (comfort). (An-Nisa’ 4: 9)

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