Many steal books, not read them

IPOH: Malaysians do not read as much as they should but they seem to love pilfering books from public reading corners.

Reading corners placed at selected Jaya Jusco stores and inside KTM Bhd coaches since last year had been getting good response, said Deputy Informa-tion, Communication and Culture Minister Heng Seai Kie.

“The only problem we are facing is the loss of reading material due to theft,’’ Heng added.

She said the Government had set a target to spur Malaysians to read an average of 15 books a year.

Currently, Malaysians read about eight to 12 books annually, she said.

“Our reading habit is just abo-ve average compared with Third World countries.

“We are not satisfied with this. We want people to read more,” Heng said after launching the state-level “1Malaysia Come and Read” programme at SMJK Yuk Choy yesterday.

Heng said that RM1mil worth of reading materials would be distributed to 1,000 schools nationwide through the “1Malay-sia Come and Read” programme.

The ministry was also discussing with the bus express com-pany, Sri Maju Sarata Ekspres Sdn Bhd, to place books inside their buses and stations to cultivate the reading habit among commuters.

Source: The Star

Faris Al-Muhandisu: Poor Malaysians. Maybe government should give more subsidy on books. Like what they said, better give the subsidy on productive things right? Including education, public transportation, R&D and etc. See if they bring it into reality. Same thing has been said in the past 5 years. Yet, nothing happened. They’d rather politicise them to death. The mindset should change or else the government will change.

Well, I would like to suggest a website that can develop and sustain your reading habit. log on to You can browse through a lot of interesting book reviews and ask for suggestions from your friends in there. There are many famous writers (local and international) there like Faisal Tehrani, Paulo Coelho, Nisah Haron, Farah Hidayati, Zaid Akhtar, Alfian Malik and so on. Be their friends and you can directly communicate with them. If you are lucky enough, you can get their books for free deliver to your door =).

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal =P.