Go ye forth, (whether equipped) lightly or heavily, and strive and struggle, with your goods and your persons, in the cause of Allah. That is best for you, if ye (but) knew. (At-Taubah: 41)

It’s already 2 weeks going through my internship here in AMD Penang. A place that I’ve never expect to work. Life is great so far. Life is always great when there is no final exam. Haha =P. But definitely career life is more challenging. Later maybe I can share some of the challenges. Now, let me share with you about AMD just in case if you had never heard about it. For the hardcore-gamers, don’t tell me you don’t know.. haha.. Well, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is an American multinational semiconductor company based in Sunnyvale, California, that develops computer processors and related technologies for commercial and consumer markets.

Its main products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, embedded processors and graphics processors for servers, workstations and personal computers, and processor technologies for handheld devices, digital television, automobiles, game consoles, and other embedded systems applications. It is the second-largest global supplier of microprocessors based on the x86 architecture, and the third-largest supplier of graphics processing units. In 2009, AMD ranked ninth among semiconductor manufacturers in terms of revenue.

I like it here. With the beautiful park and that little pond, it gives a sense of tranquility after a day-long hard work. Although the line sometime damn freezing cold and dry up to the point where I had chapped lips and dry throat, I like helpful technicians and operators there. Even though most of them are of Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal National. I’m very grateful that I’ve been assigned to a very caring SV, Ms. Vicky Tan in the Assembly Department. Specifically, at Underfill Process Section. The staffs there are very friendly. Assist us here and there to understand the whole processes in the production line which is totally foreign for us from Chemical Engineering background. I humbly thank all of you for the warm welcome. So far, I’ve been assigned to work with Plasma Cleaner. Even though it doesn’t concern chemical engineering in general, I guess there are a lot of things in this world that I want to learn.

What is Plasma Cleaning? Below is a brief description on this interesting process.

Plasma cleaning involves the removal of impurities and contaminants from surfaces through the use of an energetic plasma created from gaseous species. Gases such as argon and oxygen, as well as mixtures such as air and hydrogen/nitrogen are used. The plasma is created by using high frequency voltages (typically kHz to >MHz) to ionise the low pressure gas (typically around 1/1000th atmospheric pressure), although atmospheric pressure plasmas are now also common.

It doesn’t really describe what I’m working on. But, since my company’s policy doesn’t allow me to share in depth,  I can’t show what I really do. I guess so many excitements and challenges waiting my friends and me ahead. Wish me the best in everything. Happy internship to all my Jan07 friends. Sorry for late update, just installed my streamyx yesterday =)