Tonight, we will be witnessing an unexpected clash between the  dangerous Spain and swift Holland. we will have a new nation win the World Cup to join the past 7 winners. Few before the tournament put these two together as finalists. But, the fact is they progress. It’s all that matters.

It should be a fairly even match.  Though for Spain to win they will certainly need to play much better than they did in previous games.  They got the results but have failed to impress.  A lot of their wins were good luck, good bounces and great finishing by Villa.   There comes a time when you need to play because the luck will run out.

Holland have also not been on top of their form.  But, like Spain, keep winning.  Will that be enough?  Certainly van Bommel and de Jong will have to do great work to protect the not so great back four and a fairly poor keeper.  They have enough attacking prowess to go after Spain and hurt them.

I go for Spain. They will make orange juice out of Oranje. haha. What about you? Enjoy tonight! =)  Vamos Espana !! Viva La Furia Roja !!